Attention All Psychological Thriller Readers
Struggling To Find a Psychological Thriller That Will Grip You, Shock You, Leave You In Tears and Elate You... All At The Same Time?
  • What would you do if you were born into a body that did not belong to you?
  • How would you feel if you were neglected... If you were abandoned?
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At Times In Our Lives We Are Brought To The Very Depths of Despair...
And Forced To Make Changes...

Val Mian, is a trans woman who has lived her life in the shadows. Too afraid to be the person she is, trapped in the body of someone she does not recognize and torn by loyalty to a strict Catholic upbringing to reveal her true self because no one has ever truly accepted her. No one has ever loved her for being exactly who she is.

Tumbling down a well of inadequacy, turmoil and pain from the pretence that Val, put on for her family; she longs for freedom. Longs to be more than who she has become but is haunted by shame, guilt, and sadness she was conditioned to feel.

Wanting more than anything to emerge from the shadows she has lived in and be seen, Val leaves home, escaping the prison constructed by her parents and their beliefs.

Unexpectedly, Val finds the love she so deeply craves.
But, her secret is not one that is easily divulged in her fragile and broken state.

Val lives to regret the decisions she made as a newly transitioned young woman when fifteen years later, the mental and physical traumas of her first loves past, collide with her own demons to produce deadly consequences.

With her tenacious spirit and a powerful will that she long thought had escaped her, she is forced into a blood-fuelled fight against her own child-hood traumas that lay stifled within, and against a foe that was once the love of her life, her whole reason for living.

Will Val face herself and throw off the veil she has used to protect herself for her whole life?
Will she have the strength to battle the monsters that were created all those years ago?

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Suspenseful - A  dark and suspenseful storyline that will have you enthralled from the very first chapter. Not for the faint of heart, this book was written only for those who are ready for mind bending truths that spring not purely from fiction but from facts of life...
Provocative - Written to induce strong Emotions, and lead you to gain insights into where in your own life have you allowed yourself to settle, given in to traumas that have broken you or allowed someone else to dictate your path...
Inspirational - You see, it is always darkest before the dawn! Our greatest sources of inspiration often come when we have experienced pain in its most raw form. From this we can then choose to rise from the ashes anew, with new awareness and perceptions that propel us to personal victory and freedom... Are you ready for your rise?

Nerves Will Be Shot but Your Eyes Will
Inexplicably Opened...

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Just Stop for a Second and Ask Yourself:

Do I want to read a book that hurls me into the psyche of its characters from the very first chapter?

Can I pass up the opportunity to read a book that can change a belief system that may have long held me hostage?

Do I want to read a book that not only entertains and enthralls me but has a strong positive message that I can relate to?

Can I afford to miss out?



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About The Author

Michele Collins was born and raised in Birmingham, England.

Mother of three children and a Lord of The Rings super-fan, she loves anything that involves magic, mystery and all things that allow her to question the fabric that holds all things together!

Michele writes in various genres but her preferences are Sci-fi and Psychological Thrillers that force you to look at the world through slightly tinted lenses in ways that draw the reader in and keep them hooked.

Michele is also Founder of the Podcast Series - 'Existential Hell to Ascending Bliss' where she helps people navigate the journey through spiritual ascension with discussions about her own

challenges and how she has, and indeed still is, overcoming them.

Michele has learnt from a plethora of difficult and trying times during her own life which she discusses openly in her podcast, but these obstacles have in turn allowed her to bring Val's own challenges to life in a way that adds authenticity in a character that battles her own adversity throughout the book.

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